Islamic Thought and
Social Inquiry

Vision of the Project

The project aspires to achieve the following main goals:

  • To go beyond a merely historical study of the Islamic intellectual tradition by applying its insights, principles, and approaches to contemporary issues regarding human beings and the societies they may choose to form.
  • To reinvigorate conversations around how social science and religion might learn from one another. It does so by attempting to formulate a new research paradigm that integrates religious and philosophical insights originating from outside of the West, specifically from Islam.
  • To fill the gap between Islam as religious worldview and contemporary social science scholarship by asking: What would a social science integrating Islamic views regarding existence and knowledge look like? The formulation of a social research paradigm coloured by an Islamic perspective can create a new foundation for future inquiry for Muslim scholars (and even other theists), one equipped to analyze phenomena beyond the existing materialist, idealist, and postmodernist paradigms which dominate Anglophile academia today.
  • To open up new opportunities to rethink such fundamental concepts as existence, knowledge, human nature, and human action without necessarily excluding normative foundations or empirical realities.

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